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Assorted Baklava Tin Gift Box

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Overview: With our excellent Assorted Baklava Tin Gift Box, up your gift-giving game. A carefully picked selection of baklava that combines the pastry artistry with the richness of nuts and sweetness can be found inside this exquisite tin. If you are looking for an assorted baklava tin gift box near me, our baklava gift box online is an example of superb cooking, combining textures and flavors in a way that is sure to please.


Benefits:  Our assorted gift box of baklava has a number of advantages in addition to its attractive appearance and taste. This assortment of delectable baklava treats, made with excellent ingredients, is a source of healthy energy from nuts and nutrients. Our Assorted Turkish Baklava Gift Box is a delight that caters to both indulgence and wellbeing.


Why Choose us? Selecting our Turkish baklava gift box online means choosing a gift that’s imbued with tradition and quality. Our baklava is handcrafted using time-honored recipes, ensuring authenticity in every bite. The diverse array of nut-filled treats within the tin showcases our dedication to delivering a rich and genuine experience of baklava’s artistry.


Pairing Options: For an enhanced culinary journey, pair the Turkish assorted baklava gift box with a cup of robust Turkish coffee or a fragrant herbal tea. The intricate flavors of the baklava find their match in the depth of coffee or the soothing notes of tea, creating a delightful harmony for the senses.


Occasions: Buy assorted baklava gift box online to make any occasion truly special.

  • Festive holiday
  • A heartfelt thank-you gesture
  • Corporate gifting,
  • Birthdays
  • Anniversaries

Buy Turkish assorted baklava gift box online to make every moment special!

Additional Information

1 Kg, 300gms, 400gms, 500gms, 600gms

Assorted may contain ingredients: Refined pastry flour (maida), clarified butter, sugar, pistachio, cashewnut, walnut, almond, dates, corn flour, coconut, semolina, creamer.

Allergen Advice:
  • Our products contain nuts
  • May contain gluten and dairy

Images here are artistic only and we assure you better packaging.
Reviews (3)

3 reviews for Assorted Baklava Tin Gift Box

  1. baklava_admin (verified owner)

    The assorted baklava tin gift box from TBC & Co. is a box of pure joy. Each piece is a delight, making every bite a celebration

  2. baklava_admin (verified owner)

    I received the assorted baklava tin gift box as a gift, and it felt like unwrapping happiness. The flavors and presentation are exquisite

  3. baklava_admin (verified owner)

    Sending the assorted baklava tin gift box is my go-to choice for spreading smiles. It’s a thoughtful gift that’s both delicious and beautiful

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