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Overview: Our delectable Basbousa sweet will transport you to the enthralling realm of Middle Eastern sweets. The powerful flavor of semolina, the appeal of syrupy sweetness, and the wonderful crunch of coconut are expertly woven together in this traditional delicacy. Order our Egypt special Basbousa dessert online and experience a blend of flavours.


Benefits: Every bite of our Basbousa sweet contains not only a flavorful explosion, but also a satisfying experience. It is made from excellent semolina and provides a wealth of healthy minerals and natural energy. Order our Basbousa dessert online to make sure that both your dietary and taste requirements match!


Why choose us? Ordering our Egyptian Basbousa dessert online will allow you to embark on a genuine culinary journey through the Middle East. Our recipe is the culmination of decades of experience, creating an unmatched version of this beloved treat. Our Basbousa cake is evidence of our commitment to maintaining its authentic flavor and is the result of a careful selection of ingredients and a precise preparation method.


Pairing options: To bring a subtle contrast that awakens the palette, pair the complex flavors of Basbousa dessert with the warmth of Arabic coffee. In contrast, the cooling flavors of mint tea offer a cooling companion that complements the sweetness of the dessert, providing a mouthwatering combination of flavors.



  • Small and large family get-togethers.
  • Festivities
  • Birthdays
  • Corporate events.

Our Egypt special Basbousa dessert online is a partner that guarantees your dessert table resonates with a sense of distinction, whether it’s a joyous occasion or a peaceful moment of indulgence.

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