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Turkish Legend Assorted Baklava

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Overview: Buy our Cashew Baklava online where the classic charm of baklava meets the hearty nuttiness of cashews, this magnificent dessert combines the characteristic crunch of cashews with the delicate layers of phyllo dough to create a symphony of flavors that honors Middle Eastern culinary tradition.


Benefits: A symphony of flavor and texture, our cashew baklava will tantalize your senses with its harmonic fusion of flavors and textures. A considerable amount of finely chopped cashews are generously sprinkled on top of each delicate phyllo pastry layer. The flakiness of the pastry and the delightful contrast of the cashews' crunch created by this beautiful match make for an outstanding dessert experience.


Why choose us?  Buy our Cashew Baklava online and enjoy the long tradition of baklava enhanced with the unique personality of cashews. By fusing centuries-old customs with the outstanding flavor and nutritional benefits of cashews, this dish is a monument to the art of producing baklava. Delivering a genuine and exquisite dessert is a commitment. Besides we have these exclusively available in diverse sizes including almond baklava 1Kg Box, almond baklava 300gms Box, almond baklava 400gms Box, almond baklava 500gms Box, almond baklava 600gms Box.


Pairing options: A fragrant cup of cardamom-spiced coffee will enhance your experience with the cashew baklava. The nuttiness of the dessert is balanced by the warm and energizing coffee overtones, providing a delicious flavor fusion that is agreeable to the tongue. A calming contrast would be to take it along with a cup of delicate chamomile tea.



  • Festive Feasts
  • Casual Indulgence
  • Birthdays
  • Both trivial and significant occurrences


You may share the thrill of discovery with your loved ones right now. Buy our Cashew Baklava online today!

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2 reviews for Turkish Legend Assorted Baklava

  1. baklava_admin

    layers of phyllo are perfectly crispy, and the cashew filling adds a satisfying crunch. The balance of sweetness is just right, and the honey drizzle is a luscious touch. A must-try for nut and dessert lovers alike!

  2. baklava_admin

    The buttery layers and generous cashew filling create a sublime combination of flavors and textures. The hint of honey adds the perfect touch of sweetness.

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