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Kunafa Duet – Choco Coffee Walnut & Cookie Cream

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Overview: Order our Turkish Choco coffee walnut and cookie cream Kunafa online and get ready to be mesmerized by our, a sublime medley of decadent treats. This team elevates the conventional Middle Eastern Kunafa by adding the decadent flavors of chocolate, coffee, walnuts, and the timelessly appealing combination of cookies and cream. Get yourself in a world of lavish textures and mellow flavors with our very delicious Choco coffee walnut Kunafa.


Benefits: Set off on a voyage that alternates between the rich and bold flavors of Choco coffee walnut Kunafa and the comforting familiarity of cookie cream, making sure that every bite is a culinary adventure. Enjoy the pleasant contrast of the creamy, silky cream and the crunchy walnuts with our Choco coffee walnut and cookie Kunafa


Why choose us? The baklava company’s coffee and cookie Kunafa are combined to achieve a balance of richness and sweetness, making them a dessert pair that appeals to a variety of palates. Our Choco coffee and cookie Kunafa are a showcase of our commitment to providing a dessert that pleases the eyes and the palate.


Pairing options: Utilize beverages that are precisely paired to enhance your Kunafa Duet experience. While the Cookie Cream variety pairs best with a calming glass of milk, the robust flavors of our Choco Coffee and cookie walnut Kunafa pair beautifully with a strong cup of coffee, providing a nostalgic and comforting combo.



  • Special celebrations
  • Parties
  • Festivals
  • Dinner treats

Our Kunafa Duet: Choco coffee and cookie Kunafa offers a delicious dessert experience that is ideal for all situations, whether for a little moment of self-indulgence or to share with loved ones.

Reviews (3)

3 reviews for Kunafa Duet – Choco Coffee Walnut & Cookie Cream

  1. baklava_admin

    a balance of textures and tastes that create a memorable dessert experience. If you’re a dessert connoisseur, this duet is a must-taste sensation!

  2. baklava_admin

    The Choco Coffee Walnut side is a burst of intense flavors that complement each other beautifully.

  3. baklava_admin

    The fusion of rich chocolate and coffee with the nuttiness of walnuts is a delight for any chocolate lover.

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