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Nutella Cream Kunafa

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Overview: With our Turkish Nutella Cream Kunafa, a delightful fusion of Middle Eastern tradition and the sweetness of Nutella, embark on a voyage of taste and delight. This culinary marvel combines Nutella’s rich, hazelnut-infused creaminess with the cherished kunafa pastry in the most exquisite way. Redefine taste and flavor, by ordering our Nutella cream kunafa online.


Benefits: Experience Nutella’s velvety joy as it is artfully threaded through the flaky layers of kunafa pastry for a taste of hazelnut euphoria. The crunchy Nutella cream kunafa strands and the nutty richness of the Nutella provide a pleasant contrast in textures and flavors.


Why choose us?  The baklava company’s Nutella cream Kunafa exemplifies the deft artistry of fusing the best of Middle Eastern tradition with the allure of Nutella. Our Nutella cream Kunafa dessert is an example of how combining cultures can be innovative and result in a special taste sensation that honors both tradition and contemporary delight.


Pairing Options: With carefully selected beverages, you may make your Nutella Cream Kunafa experience even better. Order our Nutella cream kunafa online to balance the nutty flavors of the Nutella and create a pleasing contrast between the dessert and beverage, serve it with a cup of silky cappuccino.



  • Celebratory Feasts
  • Casual Indulgence:
  • Birthdays
  • Small and large events


Share the beauty of Middle Eastern flavors with friends and family, by introducing to our Turkish Nutella cream kunafa

Reviews (3)

3 reviews for Nutella Cream Kunafa

  1. baklava_admin (verified owner)

    Each bite is a decadent journey into Nutella heaven. If you’re a fan of this iconic spread, this dessert is a must-indulge that will satisfy all your cravings!

  2. baklava_admin (verified owner)

    velvety Nutella cream and the crispy kunafa layers create a play of textures and flavors that’s simply irresistible.

  3. baklava_admin (verified owner)

    The cream filling is a velvety embrace of chocolate and hazelnut, beautifully contrasted by the crispy kunafa layers.

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