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Pistachio Baklava & Premium Baklava

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Overview: Our Pistachio Premium Baklava will take you on a trip of sophisticated flavors. The delicate layers of flaky pastry and the charm of fine pistachios are combined in this magnificent dessert creation. Order our Turkish pistachio baklava online today; a symphony of tastes and textures that redefine luxury awaits you!


Benefits: Embrace the rich, nutty flavor of fine pistachios that have been expertly woven into each layer of our mouthwatering pistachio Turkish baklava. In each bite of our pistachio baklava rolls, you’ll experience a delicate harmony that perfectly balances the pistachios’ buttery smoothness with the pastry’s sharpness. Order these Turkish pistachio sweets online and hop on the delightful journey!


Why choose us? The baklava company premium pistachio baklava is made using only the finest pistachios and ingredients, which is a tribute to our commitment to uncompromising quality. We take pride in our knowledge of where to find and how to prepare these pistachio rolls baklava, making sure that each piece of baklava is a celebration of this magnificent nut. Besides, we also have these in various sizes including; pistachio baklava box 250g, pistachio baklava box 100g, pistachio baklava box 500g, pistachio baklava box 1kg, premium baklava box 250g, premium baklava box 100g, premium baklava box 500g. Suite yourself the best and order our pistachio Turkish baklava today!


Pairing options: Carefully chosen drinks can enhance your experience with Pistachio Premium Baklava. The nutty flavors of our Pistachio Rolled Baklava will be enhanced with a cup of fragrant Turkish coffee, producing a sensory experience that is both energizing and decadent.



  • Elegant Gatherings: Elevate formal dinners and upscale events with our pistachio baklava, leaving a lasting impression on your guests.
  • Personal Luxuries: Treat yourself to a moment of luxury by savoring our Pistachio Premium Baklava, allowing yourself to indulge in the rich flavors and textures.
  • Gifting Excellence: Share the joy of premium baklava with friends and loved ones, offering them a taste of elegance that is sure to be appreciated.
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1 Kg, 300gms, 400gms, 500gms

Assorted may contain ingredients: Refined pastry flour (maida), clarified butter, sugar, pistachio, cashewnut, walnut, almond, dates, corn flour, coconut, semolina, creamer.

Allergen Advice:
  • Our products contain nuts
  • May contain gluten and dairy

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4 reviews for Pistachio Baklava & Premium Baklava

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    layers of pastry are generously filled with pistachios, creating a symphony of nutty sweetness.

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    The combination of crunchy layers and the richness of pistachios creates a dessert that’s both refined and satisfying.

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