The Baklava is a dessert that translates true opulence in every bite. Relished by all the Baklava is a rich sweet pastry dessert made of filo pastry, filled with chopped nuts, and sweetened with syrup or honey.

In the final stage of its making, it is neatly cut into specific shapes like triangles, diamonds, rectangles and parallelograms. The traces of its origin go back to Mediterranean basin countries chiefly the Levent.

Our baklavas are free of preservatives and are made by highly professional chefs using the best ingredient.


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Almond Baklava

Prepared meticulously with phyllo pastry and layered with a rich layer of almonds, cardamom and sweetened syrup, the delicate flavours of this Almond Baklava are absolutely unmissable.

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Assorted Baklava

Our collection of premium baklavas are enormously pleasing to the palate. They are handcrafted by highly professional chefs with the finest ingredients, and we aim at serving authentic baklava to patrons looking to enjoy this Turkish delicacy, in a wide range of flavours.

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Cashewnut Baklava

The extravagant cashew layered on this baklava makes this dessert a sheer delight. The sweet sugar, cinnamon and rich cashews are layered inside this unforgettable bite sized baklavas.

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Chocolate Baklava

Baked to a degree of perfection one hasn’t experienced, this baklava has layers of phyllo dough that are brushed with clarified butter, sweetened and rolled with the finest dry fruits and nuts with a modern twist of chocolate and are baked until golden.

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Pistachio Baklava

When delicious meets sweet, the result is always a sweet success!
Delicious crispy layers of buttery phyllo and heaps of fragrant pistachios are combined to make this light yet rich Pistachio Baklava.

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Premium Baklava

The decorative elements and attention to detail in the preparation of our baklavas is what makes them delectable. Our premium range of baklavas are scrumptious desserts.

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