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Overview:  Enjoy the nutritious goodness of our Havuç Dilimi Baklava (Carrot Slice) Cake, a delectable dessert that combines the luxury of cake with the sweet naturalness of carrots. This special delicacy is ideal for individuals looking for a delectable dessert with a hint of wellness because it provides a moist and tasty experience that is both satisfying and comforting.


Benefits: Our Havuç Dilimi are full with natural vitamins and minerals that are baked into each slice of fresh carrot cake. The earthy sweetness of the carrots and the luscious moistness of the cake combine harmoniously to create a flavors that is well-balanced and tantalizing to the palate.


Why choose us? To provide a consistently delicious treat, The baklava company’s Havuc Dilimi Baklava is painstakingly made by blending the best ingredients with professional baking processes. Natural Ingredients: We take great delight in using excellent ingredients like fresh carrots to create cakes that are not only delicious but also produced with the utmost care.


Pairing options: Choose drinks that go well with your Havuç Dilimi Cake. A cup of fragrant chai tea perfectly complements the cake's gentle sweetness and toasty spices, elevating the overall experience and creating a cosy feeling.



  • Family gatherings:
  • Tea Time Treat:
  • Celebrate birthdays

Other occasions where health is the priority, our Havuc Dilimi baklava fits with their way of life.

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2 reviews for Sultan Assorted Baklava

  1. baklava_admin (verified owner)

    caramelized carrots and the nutty walnuts worked harmoniously to create a dessert that was both satisfying and unique.

  2. baklava_admin (verified owner)

    The tender carrot slices, combined with the sweetness of sugar and the crunch of walnuts, created a symphony of flavors and textures.

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