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How Can You Gift The Baklava?

How can you gift the baklava?  The ‘baklava’ word came into the English group from Turkish. As mentioned in the earlier blog, we don’t know how baklava’s history or journey is coming into our lives today, but let us tell you some exciting things about baklava. The version we are considering was developed in the Topkapi palace, where the sultan presented the trays of baklava in the ceremonial processions every 15th of Ramadan. We have…

Can Baklava be a saver and excuse for Nutrition?

Can Baklava be a saver and excuse for Nutrition? As curious as the name sounds, Baklava is very popular and widespread in the Middle East and the world. With honey or syrup, chopped nuts, and Filo pastry layers, it is known for its rich and mind-blowing taste. Baklava is an integral part of middle eastern and Mediterranean cuisine and today it is seen in many regions with each region’s unique twist added to it. Baklava…